India-focus in NY Times

According to the New York Times and several following articles on the links below, legal outsourcing vendors are upping their recruitment of talent on and offshore. Specifically, Indian firms are recruiting in the US and UK. According to the article, eager and adventurous legal professionals are making the move.

Theses findings clearly reflect our trending projections in the report Ten for 2010: Top 10 Trends for Legal Outsourcing in 2010.

“Client confidence in the outsourcing legal services market is translating into a rising talent pool, both on and offshore. Positions at outsourcing vendors will increasingly become an attractive alternative career path for entrepreneurial and global-minded legal professionals as pay, positions and prestige increase.”

Combined with the increased trending of onshore legal outsourcing, these developments exemplify increasingly global nature of the legal profession. It will be interesting the watch and see how the trend accelerates and expands. To read more, to go:

New York Times: Outsourcing to India Draws Western Lawyers
Wall Street Journal: Go East, Young Lawyer . . . Way East
Above the Law: Outsourcing: Here Come the Expats
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Written by Fronterion