Fronterion is the leading advisory for law firms on issues of legal outsourcing and alternative legal service delivery including, but not limited to third-party vendors, virtual captives, or wholly owned captive centers based domestically and abroad.

Fronterion provides focused advisory and know-how enabling law firms to thrive in a significantly changing legal environment.

Through our exclusive focus, we’ve developed unmatched experience serving global law firms on their work with legal process outsourcing (LPO) vendors, based domestically and abroad.


About You

Once embraced by only a handful of the most innovative partners, outsourced – on and offshored – legal services has now emerged as a key strategic priority for law firms and in-house legal professionals.
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Fronterion provides unique and complementary skill sets to our clients. Our team incorporates some of the leading authorities on LPO to help you build an informed perspective and a significant competitive advantage through the innovative application of legal outsourcing. Find out more…



Our clients’ successes speak volumes about the importance of LPO and our valuable contributions to their achievements. Through our exclusive focus on LPO, Fronterion has developed unmatched experience serving global law firms on an expansive scope of issues pertaining legal outsourcing domestically and abroad. Find out more…


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