Australian: Different Flushes, Same Legal Pressures

While the debate over ethical issues arising from the use of domestic and international legal outsourcing continues to mature, recent statements by an Australian justice suggest that a growing number of jurisdictions are taking on LPO ethical issues as adoption increases.

Despite flip-flopped seasons and toilets flushing in opposite directions, it appears Australian legal professionals are subject to some of the same pressures as their US and UK counterparts.

Recently, Chief Justice of New South Wales Jim Spigelman issued some provocative comments. He said, “Those responsible for purchasing legal services in commercial corporations are subject to pressure to reduce costs, in the same way as those responsible for any other cost centre… Outsourcing through the use of Indian-based support services, such as digital dictation transcription and document management for discovery and due diligence, is an available way of containing such costs… However, overseas legal services are not limited to administrative matters of this kind.”

The expansion of LPO adoption beyond US and UK clientele is something we projected in our annual trending report – Ten for 2011: Top Ten Trends for Legal Outsourcing.

#4 Expanding Client Geographic/Jurisdictional Reach
In 2011, LPO services will be increasingly adopted in expanded areas domestically within the US and UK, as well as international destinations… Buyers of LPO services are likely to expand into other geographic destinations around the world such as Australia, South Africa and major business hubs in the Asia-Pacific region.

More details on the free report here.

The Australian markets are a growing area of focus lately with lots of movement in the industry. Firms Down Under continue seeking to address the changing needs of their international clients. Major UK firms like Clifford Chance and Norton Rose jockeying for an Australian partner. Advent continues to take strides forward as a leading LPO-integrated law firm. And fallout from the Rio Tinto deal, which seems so long ago, continues. Add the mix the recent comments made by Chief Justice Spigleman, and it’s no surprise perspectives are changing in the world below.

For additional details on the continuing LPO ethics debate and regulatory updates, check out our online resource;

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