Blog Post: Identifying and Mitigating Gaps

The conference website also features a blog post, LPO ~ Identifying and Mitigating Gaps: The General Counsel Perspective, which references Fronterion’s trending release on the LPO industry. The blog post provides interesting commentary on the potential “gaps” in supply and demand in the LPO industry.

Fronterion is cited for our quote regarding the importance of the adoption rate in the LPO sector this year.

Fronterion LLC’s Top Ten Trends for Legal Outsourcing in 2010 report predicts “2010 will be the proving year for legal outsourcing. Law firms and corporate legal teams will learn from their peers, resulting in make‐or‐break peer referrals, which will be strong indicators of the success and maturity of the outsourced legal services segment.Supporting – not supplanting – firm operations with an outside legal services vendor has emerged as a successful strategy and will gain momentum in 2010.”

More details on the post are available at the following.

Written by Fronterion