Implementing a Successful Legal Outsourcing Engagement

“The legal industry is undergoing profound change. Legislative changes, law firm consolidation, increased competition, new technologies and global expansion have dramatically altered the legal landscape. Rising cost pressures, changing client dynamics and global economic volatility have accelerated these market developments. In the face of these changing times, legal professionals must adjust traditional business models to adapt and remain competitive.”

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Legal professionals are faced with a number of pressures from both internal forces and changing market dynamics. Is your firm prepared? Outsourcing some of your legal work is a compelling option for you to consider.

Is outsourcing right for your firm? What are the benefits and what are the risks? How does your legal outsourcing engagement stack up against others? Are you undershooting the potential value of your engagement?

These and other questions are addressed in Fronterion’s groundbreaking, must-read book on legal outsourcing; Implementing a Successful Legal Outsourcing Engagement. Click here for more details.

As firms explore alternative methods of providing legal services to remain competitive, these changes are particularly prevalent for firms located in the UK with the upcoming implementation of the Legal Services Act 2007.

“The Legal Services Act 2007 is poised to dramatically impact the legal services market in the UK…These new sources of competition may engage in new and innovative methods of delivering legal services, including leveraging outside and offshore legal support vendors… As noted by Jeremy Hand, co-founder and managing partner of Lyceum Capital, ‘In this market, the first-mover advantage will be key.’


Implementing a Successful Legal Outsourcing Engagement outlines the industry dynamics that set the stage for outsourced legal services.

“The basis for outsourcing is not exclusively cost-driven, but rather improving efficiency and productivity, streamlining processes, and better managing of scarce firm resources.+ …Outsourcing does not dramatically alter or depart from the existing service-delivery delegation model. …Legal outsourcing is merely an extension and logical next step of the delegation process.”

Implementing a Successful Legal Outsourcing Engagement stands alone as the seminal publication on outsourced legal and legal support services. It prepares law firms and corporate counsels in the US and UK to understand, assess and deliver on legal outsourcing opportunities. The book also features insight and contributions from leading experts in the field.

Part 1 of Implementing a Successful Legal Outsourcing Engagement examines every part of the outsourcing engagement, details best practices and examines the benefits, opportunities and challenges posed by outsourcing.  Part I also provides an in-depth guide to selecting vendors, managing quality, risk management, ethical compliance, relationship governance, training staff and a host of other issues encountered in outsourcing.  Moreover, Part I discusses:

  • The profound changes in the legal industry that set the stage for the emergence of outsourced legal services;
  • The recent economic events that are currently shaping the industry;
  • An analysis of the outsourcing service opportunities and operating models currently available;
  • The potential benefits of outsourcing and how to recognize and measure these benefits;
  • Ways to define, design and ensure quality for an outsourcing engagement;
  • How to select a vendor, navigate the negotiation process and manage the vendor relationship;
  • Risk management techniques and a guide to ethical compliance;
  • Contracting considerations and important terms and conditions; and
  • How to overcome specific outsourcing challenges and avoid common pitfalls.


Part 2 of Implementing a Successful Legal Outsourcing Engagement offers case studies of law firms and organizations of a variety of sizes, locations and practice specialties and how they tackled an array of outsourcing challenges. While many firms and corporations are engaged in or piloting outsourcing opportunities, the majority of engagements are not publicly recognized due to privacy concerns. These case studies provide an inside view of legal outsourcing practices. They reveal what outsourcing strategies law firms and corporations are implementing, and how they have transformed their practice and achieved success by reaching their objectives through outsourcing. Case study organizations highlighted in the report include:

  • Osborne Clarke – “After listening to the concerns of our clients about the perpetual escalation of legal fees, we had to take a step back and fundamentally reassess the way that we supported our legal professionals.” – Simon Beswick managing partner of Osborne Clarke
  • Pinsent Masons – “We didn’t want to price ourselves out of the market.” - Nigel Kissack, head of Pinsent Masons’ dispute resolution and litigation team
  • ISS UK – “The legal team is gaining status within the organisation. It is recognised as being innovative, improving overall performance to our internal clients, and bringing them commercial solutions.” – Richard Reade, ISS UK Group general counsel
  • MyHomeMove – “The difference in success between outsourcing engagements is deeply rooted in the degree of process documentation.” – Ian Floyed, founder and CEO of MyHomeMove
  • Underwood & Associates – “We wanted to offer a higher standard of work at a highly competitive price.” – Kerry Underwood, senior partner at Underwood & Associates


Implementing a Successful Legal Outsourcing Engagement and featured case studies will help legal professionals gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry, recognize new opportunities, discover insight from prominent experts in the field, learn the right questions to ask and then build successful legal outsourcing solutions based on leading industry best practices.


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Implementing a Successful Legal Outsourcing Engagement is published by the Ark Group and Managing Partner magazine and is available at:

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About the author: Michael D. Bell is the founder and managing principal of Fronterion LLC. His expertise covers the full spectrum of legal outsourcing advisory services, including solution development, onsite vendor due diligence/selection, risk management/ethical compliance, solution implementation and ongoing vendor relationship management. Bell was instrumental in positioning Fronterion as the first firm to take a highly structured approach to the evaluation of the legal outsourcing vendor marketplace. Bell’s work has been published in bar journals and referenced in research publications on the legal outsourcing industry.  He is also the author of LPO Source blog.



Bell, Michael D. Implementing a Successful Legal Outsourcing Engagement. The Ark Group and Managing Partner, 2009.