At Fronterion, we have unparalleled appreciation for the invaluable contributions that legal outsourcing vendors like you make driving innovation and providing legal professionals with differentiated, value-driven legal outsourcing solutions.

Our clients at Fronterion collaborate with a range of vendors, in various geographies using many LPO service lines to accommodate a diverse spectrum of legal outsourcing strategies.

As a firm, we have an exclusive focus on legal outsourcing, making Fronterion truly unique in our role in LPO transactions and in our offerings to law firms. Our track record demonstrates the significance of our position and contribution to you, as an LPO vendor firm. See Us In Action.


Our Contribution

We view our contribution to the legal outsourcing industry through our work advising law firms on LPO issues as threefold:

  1. Clients who work with Fronterion tend to be highly sophisticated which boosts the legitimacy and credibility of the legal outsourcing industry.
  2. Well-informed clients are able to select LPO partners based on true differentiators, strong results and quality of service offerings, as opposed to marketing budgets.
  3. Finally, law firms that have invested in thoroughly addressing the key LPO issues internally with our help tend to utilize their LPO partners significantly more than law firms relying on an ad hoc sourcing strategy. LPO relationships are ongoing and require a strong foundation – like those provided by Fronterion – to be successful, profitable and mutually advantageous in the long-term.


Connect with Fronterion

Fronterion is an objective advisory that adheres to strict policies of independence from legal outsourcing vendors. Further, we view our role as highly supportive to our clients and, as a result our confidential involvement, we are not always visible to you, the vendor.

What is most helpful for us is to learn more about you – what the types of legal outsourcing services you are offering and what sets your firm apart in the LPO industry.

For questions about our work with you, the vendor of outsourced legal services, or to share about your firm with us, please Contact Us. We would be pleased to hear from you.