Friday, August 6, 2010 ABA Commission on Ethics: Day 2 and Public Hearing

Today has been the second day of meetings for ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20.

The event of most interest to me was the public hearing concerning the legal outsourcing industry. Michael Ford of UnitedLex and Mark Ross of Integreon, two thought leaders in the legal outsourcing industry, spoke.

I commend the Commission for soliciting outside perspectives as they shape their recommendations for their members concerning the ethical implications of outsourcing. The Commission made an important distinction between outsourcing and offshoring, which is key in all discussions about LPO.

The extent to which law can be practiced reciprocally between international jurisdictions drew quite a bit of discussion. India was the main focus. The issue is examined further in a recent Economist article.

I was glad I attended this year’s meeting. It was encouraging that the ABA, and more legal firms and educational institutions as well, are recognizing and discussing seriously the role of legal outsourcing as part of the ever-changing legal profession.

Written by Fronterion