Fronterion Announcements: Study findings and launch

We are proud to announce two very exciting developments at Fronterion this week.

The first is the 2010 Global Sourcing Study: AM Law 50, which polled 30 of the top 50 US law firms concerning their positions on legal outsourcing. The findings were reported on in today’s ABA Journal, Are Top US Law Firms Outsourcing Some Legal Work? 83% Won’t Say.

Complete findings and analyses are available in the 2010 Global Sourcing Study: AM Law 50 report. Contact for additional details. The press release – WALL OF SILENCE SURROUNDS NASCENT LEGAL OUTSOURCING INDUSTRY – highlights the findings from the study. As reported in the press release, “while many US law firms are using outsourcing providers for the first time, few are willing to admit it in public, leading to a culture of secrecy around an increasingly important development within the legal services industry.”

Our second announcement is the launch of the LPO Ethics Resource Center at As reported on the website, “The LPO Ethics Resource Center is a free resource that allows legal professionals to keep abreast with up-to-date information on the ethical policies and opinions relevant to outsourced legal services. This site compiles all of the latest information and breaking news regarding legal process outsourcing into one convenient resource.”

The resource is targeted for legal professionals in both the US and the UK.

We are very excited about making Resource Center available due to the expected number of developments in legal outsourcing ethics in the forthcoming 12 months.

More details on both announcements will be provided later this week.

Written by Fronterion