Fronterion Groundbreaking Publication Release

We have long felt that there is a noted dearth of information out there regarding the nuts and bolts of outsourced legal services. This was the prime motivation for this blog – to serve as a pragmatic source of reference for legal professionals facing legal outsourcing decisions. While we strive to make this blog valuable to our readers, there is only so much that you can say in a blog.

This week we have released a nearly 200-page book on the legal outsourcing industry published by the international legal publisher Managing Partner and the Ark Group. We are very excited about the publication as one of the seminal pieces on the industry. A link to the book can be found at: Implementing a Successful Legal Outsourcing Engagement

Whether you are currently outsourcing, considering outsourcing or your clients are inquiring if you do so, this informative report serves as a highly pragmatic and comprehensive reference guide for legal professionals making decisions regarding a legal outsourcing engagement. Major subject areas include, but are not limited to:

+ The profound changes occurring at law firms that set the stage for the emergence of legal outsourced services;
+ The recent economic events that are shaping the industry;
+ An analysis of the outsourcing service opportunities and operating models currently available;
+ The potential benefits of outsourcing and how to recognize and measure these benefits;
+ Ways to define, design and ensure quality for an outsourcing engagement;
+ How to select a vendor, navigate the negotiation process and manage the vendor relationship;
+ Risk management techniques and a guide to ethical compliance;
+ Contracting considerations and important terms and conditions; and
+ How to overcome specific outsourcing challenges and avoid common pitfalls.

The book also includes valuable insight from a number of the leading experts in the US and UK legal outsourcing arena. We are all very excited with the book as unique and influential publication.

Further information about the book is available through the Managing Partner or from the Fronterion press release today.

Written by Fronterion