Imminent Ethics?

As the regulatory focus on the ethics of LPO heats up in the US and UK, a growing body of knowledge about LPO ethics is emerging.

Most recently, an article featured in the UK-focused publication Outsource, Mark Ross of Integreon provides a summary of ethical guidance on legal outsourcing currently available and a glimpse of what we may expect in the future.

In the article Ross said, “I expect there will be more to report on the ethics of legal outsourcing over the coming months from both sides of the Atlantic as the relevant bodies continue to study this rapidly growing industry. Whether in the form of amendments to the model rules of professional conduct (in the U.S.), or to the Solicitor’s Code of Conduct (UK), lawyers will welcome more detailed guidance. Watch this space!”

I will be speaking on LPO ethics this week at an event hosted by The Law Society. More on that shortly.

Written by Fronterion