The Legal Innovation Project


“Conventional, repetitive, slow, unnecessary…”


Is this how clients describe your work?

We believe that law firms and in-house legal departments can be more efficient, responsive and competitive through the application of a process-driven approach to certain legal services. With a fresh perspective and deep knowledge base of process-driven legal service delivery, Fronterion can help your law firm or legal department become more innovative.

Bar has been raised…

The bar has never been higher for legal professionals.

Law firms are confronted with clients who are increasingly defecting to less expensive, more efficient third-party legal vendors. Similarly, in-house legal departments are forced to internalize more work and meet growing regulatory burdens while headcount and budgets are frozen or reduced.

To compete, firms often need to completely re-conceptualize how they perform certain legal services. How can you kick-start the change you’re trying to bring about?

Dare to be different. We can help.

As you dare to be different and bring about essential change to ensure the health of your practice, the question remains: How do you get there?

We’ve heard from you. Implementing change at your organization can be challenging, to say the least. So don’t risk your innovations faltering before they reach critical mass.

Through unique expertise and insightful perspective, Fronterion can make you a more effective agent of change by:

  • Validating trends you’re seeing in the market
  • Outlining specific service delivery techniques
  • Providing peer case studies and lessons learned
  • Mapping internal processes
  • Providing essential forward-thinking perspectives

Your Partner in Innovation

The best innovation is often the result of collaboration across disciplines. Making change work for your organization doesn’t require more of the same, but rather a fresh approach to legal services.

Fronterion is now offering a comprehensive line of webinars, workshops and strategic consulting exclusively focused on process-driven legal service delivery. Our unrivalled background in the process mechanics for legal services can help you:

  • Understand how legal service delivery is changing
  • Challenge outdated assumptions
  • Work alongside you to determine how and where certain legal functions are performed

Leading Track Record

Fronterion is one of the most widely recognized leaders in third-party vendor sourcing and process-driven legal service delivery. We’ve earned the reputation for innovation through our:

  • Industry-leading clients spanning North America, Europe and Australia
  • Robust knowledge base developed through significant time on-the-ground evaluating process-based delivery techniques at leading legal vendors
  • Widely recognized expertise featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post
  • Proven track record of thought leadership through the publication of Implementing a Successful Legal Outsourcing Engagement and many other leading industry publications and reports.

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