LPO Ethics Resource Center

The LPO Ethics Resource Center is your complete source for leading-edge content and online resources relating to the ethics of legal outsourcing.

The increasingly globalized legal profession, including the significant growth in outsourced legal services, accentuates the importance of a steadfast understanding of ethical and professional standards. As ethical bodies, legal professionals and industry experts address these resulting ethical dilemmas, a growing body of judicial opinions, white papers, articles, webcasts, CLE courses and other resources have emerged.

The LPO Ethics Resource Center is a free resource that allows legal professionals to keep abreast with up-to-date information on the ethical policies and opinions relevant to outsourced legal services.  This site compiles all of the latest information and breaking news regarding legal process outsourcing into one convenient resource.



Browse the LPO Ethics Resource Center to learn more about ethical policies in the United States, United Kingdom and across the globe and learn about lawyers’ ethical obligations with respect to legal outsourcing.

The LPO Ethics Resource Center includes:

  • A comprehensive listing of ethics bodies and ethics opinions from around the world;
  • Breaking news regarding issues surrounding legal outsourcing; and
  • Free access to a comprehensive library of available ethics resources such as judicial opinions, white papers, articles, webcasts, CLE courses and upcoming events.


Additional Resources

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