LPO Conference Round-up

The legal profession is undergoing profound change. Learning from your peers and industry experts on legal outsourcing and alternative legal service delivery is one of the best ways to position your practice or legal department this year. Below are some of the most promising legal conferences coming up in the next few months.


IQPC Legal Outsourcing Roundtable: New York City, February 28th, 2012

Fronterion managing principal Michael Bell will be presenting, alongside a representative from JP Morgan Chase, on issues of risk and liability when engaging third-party legal vendors. Bell will be addressing in more detail the issues featured in Fronterion’s Law Firm Liability Report released late last year and also will cover general risk exposures when engaging legal outsourcers.

The Roundtable will provide an intimate format for delegates in which to share and learn from other delegates’ experiences addressing LPO issues. The Roundtable is in brief:

“While initially driven by costs savings, legal process outsourcing (LPO) is gaining traction as a new way of working for a number of key segments of legal services. This innovative and increasingly mainstream approach has overcome many skeptics in only a few years. As a result, the LPO model is now generally recognized as a viable means to addressing companies’ legal needs. This roundtable will enable an in-depth overview of how to capitalize on LPO methods and techniques and help you to brainstorm innovative and workable solutions to cut costs, reduce risk and streamline your legal processes.”

Contact us (info@fronterion.com) for more details and registration discounts on the IQPC Legal Outsourcing Roundtable event.


Legal Practitioners’ Liability Committee National Risk Summit: Sydney, March 29th, 2012

Get the lowdown “down under” on law firm liability exposures created by third-party legal vendors at the LPLC National Risk Summit.

Bell will be presenting alongside Anthony Davis of Hinshaw on issues of legal disaggregation, liability exposures and ethical obligations when collaboration with third-party legal vendors. The conference looks to be quite an in-depth analysis of the emerging liability issues facing law firms today.


IBC – Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Outsourcing 2012 & Beyond: London, April 23rd-25th, 2012

In this month’s edition of the Fronterion Forefront newsletter, we highlight how many firms are now taking a “do-it-yourself” approach to LPO as evidence by Herbert Smith’s recent announcement.

In the IBC’s inaugural LPO conference in London this April, Fronterion managing principal Michael Bell will be conducting a half-day workshop on specific LPO delivery techniques and engagement models. Fronterion is very excited about the IBC conference workshop since the “do-it-yourself” approach is certainly gaining traction by law firms and corporate in-house legal departments seeking to leverage the expertise of LPO providers without having to go outside of their organizations to do so.


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In short, no matter where you are (North America, Europe or Australia), legal outsourcing and alternative legal service delivery will most likely have an impact on your approach to legal services. Learn more about these exciting and important new developments by attending one or all of these conferences. Contact Fronterion (info@fronterion.com) for more details on any of these upcoming events.

Written by Fronterion