LPO Source Recognized as Top Legal Resource

In an article titled 24 Social Media Resources for Legal Leaders released last week in the Edge International Communiqué Jordan Furlong, author of Law21, recognized our blog, The LPO Source, as one of the top 10 legal blogs.

We are delighted (and a bit humbled) to be in the company of Above the Law, 3 Greeks and Prism Legal along with other leading lights in the legal industry. For the complete list of the social media “MUST READ” resources for legal leaders please see below.


24 Social Media Resources for Legal Leaders

Read these  dispatches and you’ll be fully informed about what’s happening, and what will happen, to the legal services landscape.

By  Jordan Furlong


Most of the managing partners and general counsel I’ve met have plenty of interest in both the changing legal marketplace and the use of social media to track information and insight about that marketplace. What they don’t have is the time to go searching for those sources themselves. This short article aims to fill that gap.



Below, you’ll find ten blogs and ten Twitter feeds from lawyers, academics, journalists and consultants that track the latest twists and trends in the legal market. Read these 20 dispatches and you’ll be fully informed about what’s happening, and what will happen, to the legal services landscape. Each of these sources is free, and accessing them is as easy as setting up a Google Reader account (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EvSul7Aisk)




3 Geeks and a Law Blog: Toby Brown, Greg Lambert and Lisa Salazar write maybe the best legal innovation blog now in operation.


Above The Law: You don’t have to like it, but don’t underestimate its power or its growing prestige as a bellwether of change in large firms and law schools.


Adam Smith Esq.: New York’s Bruce MacEwen delivers a rare combination of sublime writing and strategic guidance for large law firms.


Legal Futures: Neil Rose’s website has a blog, but the whole site is a must-read for the latest developments in the most important legal laboratory: London.


Law Department Management: Rees Morrison’s blog is the deepest collection of data and insights on in-house law departments available anywhere.


LPO Source: Produced by legal process outsourcing provider Fronterion, this blog captures the latest news about the rising LPO wave.


Strategic Legal Technology: Ron Friedmann writes about offshoring and commoditization, taking the pulse on the legal workflow revolution.


The Belly of the Beast: Former Kirkland & Ellis partner and current adjunct professor at Northwestern Law School Steven Harper writes provocatively about BigLaw.


The Posse List: If you want to understand the rapidly emerging temporary and contract legal talent wave, this is where you need to start.


The Wired GC: John Wallbillich brings another (former) GC perspective to his ongoing deconstruction of the inside-outside counsel relationship.


And here are four more must-read blogs, from the partners of Edge International:


Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices: Edge International co-founder Gerry Riskin foresaw the economic crisis back in 2007 and continues to monitor the profession for major change.


Ed Wesemann: One of the world’s foremost legal consultants regularly publishes his sharp-eyed assessments and practical insights for law firm leaders.


At The Intersection: Pamela H. Woldow writes about general counsel, legal project management, alternative fee arrangements and the rising tide of change.


Law21: Dispatches from a Legal Profession on the Brink: Jordan Furlong’s award-winning blog analyzes the extraordinary upheaval in the legal profession.


Twitter accounts

In addition to the Twitter accounts attached to the foregoing blogs, here are some more that I recommend.


@ABAJournal: Updates and links from the ABA Journal.


@AmLawDaily: News bulletins from The American Lawyer.


@eicdocket: Updates from Kim Howard, Editor-in-Chief of the ACC Docket.


@jasnwilsn: Analyses of the legal publishing industry from legal publisher Jason Wilson.


@KrebsatACC: President of the Association of Corporate Counsel.


@LawyerCatrin: Editor of Britain’s The Lawyernewspaper.


@ronaldbaker: Founder of the Verasage Institute and crusader against the billable hour.


@StephenMayson: Director and professor of strategy at London’s Legal Services Institute


@VMaryAbraham: Knowledge manager and counsel at Debevoise & Plimpton in New York.


@ValoremLamb: Trial lawyer and co-founder of Chicago’s Valorem Law Firm.


You might not agree with the sentiments and perspectives expressed in some of these blogs or Twitter streams. But it absolutely will be worth your time to stay fully aware of what they have to say.



Written by Fronterion