Minter Ellison’s Kiwi Offering

Another significant LPO story broken by The Lawyer this week is the front-page coverage of the new offering of outsourced legal services by the Australian Minter Ellison from their New Zealand offices.

It will be interesting to follow this announcement and the uptake by UK law firms. According to people familiar with the matter, Minter has several prominent UK law firms signed up for their services.

I was also quoted in the piece about the advantages and disadvantages of law firms offering LPO services.

Michael Bell, managing principal at outsourcing consultancy Fronterion, said the firm might experience issues around the “scaleability of resources”, adding: “The unique thing about LPO specialists is that they’re process-based. Private practice has the advantage that it understands how firms work and can recruit better talent.”

More details are available at The Lawyer.

Written by Fronterion