Recession sends onshoring up the agenda

Fronterion was also noted recently by Managing Partner magazine regarding the implications of our 2010 Global Sourcing Study. The article highlights a number of issues including the alternative career path available to UK lawyers at onshore legal outsourcing centers as well as the piqued interest in UK firms for onshore and on/offshore hybrid legal outsourcing engagements.

I was also quoted in the piece regarding the average savings differential between on and offshore legal outsourcing solutions. Here is the quote from the article:

Fronterion managing principal Michael Bell said that onshoring could reduce legal spend by up to a fifth (21 per cent) per outsourced head, compared to an average of 50 per cent in destinations such as India. However, onshoring as an alternative could effectively sidestep “many of the problems associated with sending legal week overseas”, including different regulations and negotiating time zones, he explained.

Written by Fronterion