Summer Update

It’s been a very busy summer for us at Fronterion and for me personally. I am now wrapping up a rather extensive summer travel schedule – here are some recent updates and insights from my travels.

London: London continues to be experiencing an era of ferment (See previous post). I received several references to my earlier post on the “London ferment” as a result of the forthcoming implementation of the Legal Services Act (LSA). Corporate legal departments and law firms are seeking to redefine the best ways deliver services in this new legal paradigm. This means that law firms have to do more than simply roll out an LPO vendor when responding to client RFPs or panel reviews. Rather, firms are seeking to establish new ways of interfacing with their clients as well as reconceptualizing the delivery certain legal services.

Liability: The liability issue is HUGE. Challenges and implications for law firm liability when engaging third-party legal vendors is a complex emerging issue that firms need to address. We certainly have taken notice of it at Fronterion. We are in the process of releasing a report on firm liability due to the rise of legal outsourcers and other alternative legal vendors. Our newsletter this past month highlighted some of these issues stemming from the recent events pertaining to a malpractice case at major AmLaw firm. (To sign-up for the newsletter or receive a copy of last month’s newsletter email me:,)

Departures: We’ve seen some interesting changes in leadership at the top of several major LPOs including the departure of Integreon CEO Liam Brown and UnitedLex co-founder Ajay Agrawal,

Onshore: The depressed labor market outside of major metropolitan areas, particularly in the Midwest, is driving the growth of onshore legal “outsourcing,” That is something we have been projecting for quite some time (See Ten for 2011 trending report). This is pushing offshore LPOs to refine their value-add beyond labor arbitrage.

On Demand: At Fronterion, we are continuing to respond to you, our clients, and are launching a new line of reports, webinars, and specialized services through Fronterion “On Demand”. This is a very exciting area and something we plan to expand. (Email me for details:,)

Other highlights for Fronterion include being featured in a front-page article in The New York Times, plus two other published articles including one I co-authored with Brad Blickstein in the ILTA Peer-to-Peer, and another I co-authored with ISS UK general counsel Richard Reade in the LPO Handbook.

Stay tuned for more this fall….

Written by Fronterion