Tempered Outlook Turns Into Upswing?

In the Business Standard, the article Legal Process Outsourcing on Firm Footing highlights some of the increased activity in the Indian legal outsourcing sector. After several years of chimera-like growth in Indian LPO markets, work capacity never truly lived up to expectations. Recently tempered, the market is now poised for growth and the current outlook appears to be more closely aligned with the state of the industry.

Further, the multi-shore and onshore components of legal outsourcing noted in the article directly parallel the observations made in the Fronterion 2010 Global Sourcing Study. As reported in the Global Sourcing Study, approximately 8% of delivery personnel for the top 17 LPO firms are based in the UK and 10%, on average, are based in the US.

According to the study: Some 75 per cent of outsourcing vendor executives surveyed by Fronterion said at least some of their clients had expressed an interest in onshore delivery, while 24 per cent of vendor respondents reported a significant number of their clients were interested in onshore delivery. A further 82 per cent of outsourcers said their clients were interested in hybrid solutions – a combination of onshore and offshore outsourcing – with over 41 per cent of outsourcers reporting a significant interest in the hybrid-shore delivery model.

For more information, Legal process outsourcing on firm footing is available online.

Written by Fronterion