Thomson Reuters-Pangea3 Deal Raises Competitive Pressure

There’s no doubt that legal process outsourcing is changing the delivery of legal services. Thomson Reuter’s acquisition of Pangea3 last November has further fueled the LPO discussion and sparked debate among industry experts about the ethical implications of Thomson delving into competition with its client base, especially since Pangea3 plans to open more offices in the U.S.

In a recent article in the ABA Journal, several industry commentators, including myself, point out that the Thompson-Pangea3 deal has raised the competitive pressure for law firms both large and small. Innovative law firms will adjust their market approach and leverage LPO as a cost-effective way to accomplish repetitive and process-based work.

The full ramifications of Thompson Reuters backing an LPO will become clearer throughout the year. However, as clients grow more reluctant to pay top fees for commoditized, repeatable work, law firms must evaluate whether forming LPO partnerships will help them deliver services more efficiently.

Written by Fronterion

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